Preparing your trip

It might seem an easy task, but how many times have you left home and realised that you forgot something? In some cases you can still quickly come back and take it (with the stress that it adds), but others it will be too late as you are already too far or even on a plane (that doesn’t add stress but it could change your mood).

For that reason I made this simple checklist that you can use to make sure you take with you at least the most important things, things that won’t ruin your trip. I will arrange them from most to least important, although all of them are.

The ones you will not survive without…

1. Passport:

The passport really is the most important thing. You can have all your booking papers, boarding passes, money and even your teddy bear to sleep with, but without a passport you won’t go anywhere, so make sure this is the first thing you put in your luggage.

This also includes any visa you might need for your trip.

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passport case

2. Boarding passes and tickets:

This includes any type of passes you might need. Airplane, bus, train, boat, etc… Have them on paper or downloaded on your phone but please make sure you have them with you before you leave!

3. Money:

Where can you go without money? You can already have it in the destination’s currency, your own to exchange it there or perhaps credit cards, but money it’s something you can’t forget unless you want to start your trip with some serious problems.

You could survive without it, as you can see here …… but they could probably ruin your trip in many ways…

4. Phone:

Even though some people might say that they cannot live without their phones, you actually can. It is something very important though since you will probably have a lot of information about your trip, directions, etc… But as I said you could still survive without that, unless you have boarding passes in it. A little recommendation is to have copies on the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox or similar, so if at any time you forget or even lose your phone you just need access to the internet to be able to print them.

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5. Chargers:

I put this one in a different point because it could happen that you take your phone but forget the charger. Although you could still buy a new one or even borrow it from someone, you don’t want to find yourself in such an annoying situation. This includes chargers for any other device you might bring with you such as laptops or cameras.

Here you might also need to check if you will need an adapter for the country you are visiting. Personally , I am very happy with the SKROSS Adapter as it has every type of input and output plus two USB slots, basically you can charge three things at the same time anywhere in the world.

To be honest, as long as you have with you the first three you will still be able to travel, that is the important thing. Some way or another you will find your way without the other ones, some of them could be more difficult to replace but I am sure that it will teach you a lesson so next time you do not forget them. It will probably just end up as a “funny” story of your trip.

Please, feel free to download a complete Checklist PDF: