First, thank you for stopping by! I will introduce myself:

My name is Alberto, a Spanish fellow that grew up in Seville, the most beautiful city in Spain! At least that’s what I think..
I started studying Sound Design in Seville and then I decided to widen my knowledge by going to England to do a masters degree in 2012. There is where all started. Like almost everybody in this world, I used to take one or two trips a year, normally during the summer. But leaving my comfort zone for the first time made me realise how powerful traveling is. I started to notice how things that in your country were “normal”, in other countries were not, and viceversa. That change of cultures began to be addictive.

After almost five years in Britain travelling around and saving up a bit of money, I decided to make a decision that marked a turning point in my lifestyle, I BECAME A BACKPACKER! In October 2016 I bought a one-way ticket to India without knowing when or where the trip was going to finish. I spent a total of six months backpacking Southeast Asia! Honestly, I recommend that type of travel to everyone at least once in a lifetime.

With six months of traveling behind, my body was asking for a little rest, so I decided to make a long stop in Taiwan since it was the first country that gave me a three months visa.That long visit turned into two years stay. TAIWAN CONQUERED ME. There I learnt incredible things from the asian culture. From its own way and meaning of life to its indubitable culinary virtuosity. During those two years I also wandered around the continent acknowledging the grandiosity of this culture.

At this point my mind needed a break and in some way have a taste of my own culture again. To achieve that, I applied for the working holiday visa in Australia and I spent a year there, also traveling around. Here is when I STARTED TO HAVE A REAL PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY and bought my Canon M50 to start framing all the incredible places I was visiting.
Following that year in Australia, I made again a small stop in Taiwan for a few months. However, after over eight years of traveling I thought it was a good idea to COME BACK HOME for a while. Luckily for me, it was only 6 months before the Coronavirus pandemic started, so I could endure it with my family and spend time with them.
For now I have my hometown as a base although still exploring many parts of Europe that I didn’t know. My plan is to keep traveling as much as I can.

SO FAR, I HAVE BEEN TO OVER 40 COUNTRIES! On this website I will talk about them trying to make traveling easier for you as well as showing you the best spots you can visit in each of them. I will also share my best pictures while directing you to amazing spots in case you want to see them for yourself.

I hope you find these tips helpful and they provide you a best traveling experience, only then, I would have my goals fulfilled. Don’t hesitate to leave comments or ask me anytime you need help.
Also, if you like any of my work, please explore the Shop tab where you will find a vast catalogue of products all designed by me. With this, you will help me to continue building this website.

Thank you and safe travels!!

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