If you are the type of person that not only like travelling but also doesn’t stop taking pictures of everything he sees, well, I can tell you that you are exactly in the right place. Here you will find the best information for things like: preparing your gear, finding the best spots around the world and acquiring photography skills.
I started like many other travellers, taking pictures with a phone. After a while I found out that I was focussing my trips heavily on photography. I began planning my trips fitting a schedule made exclusively to see the sunset at a specific place. People were congratulating me for my pictures so I realised that it wasn’t just me who liked the pictures, but other travellers and photographers also did. That’s when I decided to buy my Canon M50 and soon afterwards a Canon 24-105mm lens that I’m still using. Now I can’t stop taking pictures everywhere I go. I have been collecting photos from even the remotest places you can imagine.