7 Beautiful lakes you cannot miss in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country full of colours. One of the main reasons is due to the big amount of water running around the Islands. That water has to rest in a place, a lake, and New Zealand is full of those. You cannot leave the country without visiting at least 5 lakes of this list!

1. Lake Tekapo:

With an area of 83 square kilometers, Lake Tekapo is one of the largest lakes in the South Island. It lays on the Mackenzie Basin which is considered a Dark Sky Reserve, so you should definitely spend at least a couple of nights to enjoy a sky full of stars.

2. Lake Pukaki

Another lake on the Mackenzie Basin. This lake will amaze you not only with its colours but for the beautiful scenery you see on your way to Mt. Cook. It could be one of the best drives in New Zealand.

3. Lake Hawea

Only a few kilometers away from Lake Wanaka. Although Wanaka normally takes all the fame I will strongly suggest a stop at Lake Hawea, it’s totally worth the visit. Besides, it has less light pollution than Wanaka town, therefore you will see a clearer night sky.

4. Lake Wanaka

Who hasn’t heard about Lake Wanaka and that famous tree in the water. Well, it deserves its fame as it is one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand.

5. Lake Wakatipu

The city of Queenstown can enjoy this beautiful lake making it a must go during your New Zealand trip. But don’t get stuck only in Queenstown, you can drive by the lake all the way north until Glenorchy and all the way south to Kingston with a jaw-dropping beauty.

6. Akaroa

Very relaxing lake only a couple of hours away from Christchurch. Just driving there it’s worth the time.

7. Lake Taupo

The only North Island lake on this list but it deserves a spot. It’s huge! From Taupo town you can drive down the east side of the lake in less than one hour. After that why not try the Tongariro Crossing to see the well-known Lord of the Rings “Mount Doom”?

6. Lake Te Anau

I think this lake is a bit underrated, but there is a good thing about that, it’s quiet! I stayed in a Motel between Te Anau and Milford sound and I must say that it was one of the calmest places in the whole island, plus you get to see a bunch of stars at night.

Hope you found this list helpful but most importantly I hope you actually make it and enjoy these beautiful places in a beautiful country like New Zealand.