Unfinished Nuclear Plant in Zarnowiec – Abandoned Places

The nuclear plant in Zarnowiec was supposed to be the new step in the country’s energetics but after the Chernobyl’s explosion joined the list of majestic abandoned places to explore and learn the history.

The construction of the nuclear plant began in 1982 and than was cancelled in 1989, but the remainings of the project will propably be there for another few decades. This is an interesting spot to stop by while driving to Hel Peninsula.

It ain’t a classic sightseeing object – you need to find a hole in the fence and mind the guards, who seem to work only during office hours. On Sundays and state holidays, the plant is completely abandoned.

The first thing, once you get there is an overwhelming silence, like there was not only a nuclear plant, but also a bomb testing site, with radiation so high, that not a single living being could have survived.

Plant’s blocks, although not finished, are really impressive. Some parts are flooded and look like some kind of a post-apocalyptic swimming pool.

As always, on an abandoned object, you need to be careful, not only about the guards, there are no barriers, you can easily end up in the water or fall into some hole. Beside all the risks, it’s worth visiting for sure.

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