Prague: 7 Times YES
To Street Performance And Art

We love Prague! This is one of the cities we can return to every year, for every season. And we never get tired of. There are always new things to see, to check and to do. This is one of the city with fascinating street art and performance we are fond of – thanks to David Černy among other reasons I believe. Prague bothers imagination, inspires, improves mood, adds smiles on faces and forces to think. Maybe that’s why we love to come back here so much – to be surprised and to find some more pearls we didn’t see during previous visits.

1. Street music

It’s everywhere. First of all, for us Prague is:

  • this man playing his sax on the streets for people, just because and during holidays, and having fun with tourists. All the best to him and hope to see him also next year.
  • bands and artists on Charles bridge. I know it’s overcrowded with the tourists. And – especially during holidays – it’s a challenge to get from one side to another. But it’s worth seeing it. We do it every time we are in the city – just to say hello.
  • playing on glasses. It was one of the best Christmas – non-Christmas melodies we’ve heard. It was pure magic.

  • and other musicians entertaining people on the streets. Our every visit is associated with some specific song.

2. Street installations and unusual monuments

3. Street art by David Černý

David Černý – one of the controversial sculptors, so well-known in Europe. His works are scandalous sometimes and respond to political activities and recent social events. The one thing for sure – they won’t leave you indifferent.

4. Street art and murals – of course

You can see more of the Prague’s street art from our cordial friend Kami&TheRestOfTheWorld.

5. Art on the streets

You can see some piece of arts at the entrance to museums – like Kampa or at the backyard of Futura. It’s totally free and worth seeing – if you don’t have time to spend more time inside galleries.

6. Unusual building

  • Dancing house
  • Meet Factory

7. Astronomical clock


Prague’s street art and performance will capture your heart and mind and never let go. If you see some other cool things we should see – please let us know in comments.

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