First Cat Cafe In Berlin

First time I heard about cat cafes from the Polish vlogger – Krzysztof Gonciarz. He was on his trip in Japan and visited the Japanese cat cafe. I was excited and frustrated at the same time – Japan was really far away and the chances to see the place in the nearest future were really low.

I made some research – and sun came out :) Cat cafes are also all over Europe. Maybe not so crazy and full of cats but reachable! Madrid, Budapest, Berlin, London, Vienna – they all were waiting for us.

And so Berlin was the first to see and visit. Actually it’s also the first cat cafe in Berlin – Pee Pees Katzencafe for you to adore and check during your visit in the city.


Situated in Neukoelln, it’s hidden from the main roads but easy to find. Small quiet street, not so many people around.

Andrea – the owner of the cafe – is really friendly and smiley. Also tries to be off sight to let people look at the cats and follow their moves.

There are two cats at the place: Pelle i Caruso. Their story started badly – two small kittens in a box yelling for help and home. Found on the streets, started a new life – and new business.

_IGP9871 _IGP9849

And there are hundreds of other cats – decorations, in books, on mugs, on walls, toys for cat boys, bags etc. :) I felt like in a fairy tale. And I am not a crazy cat lady (well, maybe a little bit ;))!


Caruso is a shy boy. But he observes the situation very carefully and doesn’t let people forget who’s the master here. Pelle is more of a macho, he’s self-confident and very used to strokes and attention.

_IGP9855 _IGP9854 _IGP9851

Good coffee, good cakes. Good place to take a break, to repair mood, to smile and play with the cats. You can also eat breakfast there. A booking is needed, especially on weekends.

Visit Pee Pees Katzencafe – this is a must-see for every cat lover!


Monday – closed

Tuesday-Friday – 11.00-19.00

Saturday – 12.00-20.00

Sunday – 12.00-19.00

Public transport: 

Leinestr. –  U8, 344, N8

Karl-Marx Platz – N7

p.s. our little cat princess still the best :P


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