4 Good Reasons To Leave Prague’s City Centre



It’s easy to be misled, this may seem to be the most neglected district in Prague. But it’s also one of the most charming places in the city. There are many closed shops and restaurants. Those opened will allow you to discover the authentic Czech cuisine, good beer and specific atmosphere. According to Wikipedia, Žižkov has the highest number of pubs per capita.

Two places you definitely should visit are exactly one above other. First, take a walk through Žižkovský tunnel. It’s over 300 meters long and gives an opportunity to take really cool looking pictures (it’s a bit dark there, don’t forget to take a tripod or at least, a flashgun to get a nice selfie).

Second is directly above the tunnel, on the Vitkov Hill. You can see National Monument, really huge building with the largest equestrian statue in the world, with Jan Žižka on horseback. Whole district, as you may have guessed, is named after this Czech national hero.

From the Monument, you can enjoy a lovely view on Prague and the 216 meter-high Žižkov Television Tower, the tallest structure in Prague.



Vysehrad means “upper castle” and it is a fort with buildings dated as old as 10th century. Impressive Saints Peter and Paul Church, a big park and a cemetery with tombstones, commemorating composers, artists, sculptors, writers, and people of science and politics. Beside a beautiful view from Vysehrad walls, the cemetery is the most interesting part of the fort – some of the memorial monuments are really impressive.

SAPA – Little Hanoi


For history and architecture lovers it’s nothing interesting – just an ordinary former meat processing plant with lots of halls. But if you like Asia and Vietnamese food, it must be on your list. Whole area is inhabited by Vietnamese people and filled with small shops, large wholesale stands, barber shops, schools. Moreover, all of this is as close to Asian markets as you can get in a gloomy winter afternoon.

What is the most important, there are several shops with Asian food, spices and many other things, which make Asian food so delicious. Plus, there are also restaurants and bars. Some of them are more expensive than you could expect in this kind of place. Once you find one with good prices and, more important, filled with Vietnamese families, you can start enjoying tastes of Hanoi in the suburbs of Prague.

Kutna Hora


To be honest, it’s not exactly Prague, not even suburbs (about 1hr drive form Prague – 60 km). But it is one of such kind of places in the entire world. Kostnice (Ossuary) is an underground chapel, called also as Chapel of Skulls, which is, by all means, not exaggerated – whole place is decorated with thousands of bones and skulls, some stocked in piles, some put together into true masterpieces, like a massive chandelier or Schwarzenber family emblem, made of complete seto of human bones. There are remains of about 40 000 people, a whole city of souls.

You may find this place disturbing, but also fascinating, getting us closer to medieval attitude towards death.

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